The Rotary Club of Epping Youth Makes Art Exhibition 2019

at St John's Church, Epping

Following the very successful 'Youth Makes Art' exhibitions in 2015 and 2017 held at St John's Church, Epping, we are pleased to announce 'Youth Makes Art - 2019'.

The exhibition opening night is on Friday 5th July for artists and guests with public viewing on Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th and Monday 8th July. 

Planning is under way and more news is to follow...

If you are a school or college looking to take part this year or an independent aged 10-23, please contact The Rotary Club of Epping using to register your interest and we will be in contact.

We will also be looking for sponsors for the event, in full or in part and if you are interested, please contact us on the email above.